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Truing the rear wheel to the motorcycle’s line of travel is one of the most important and one the the most frequent adjustments you make. A rear wheel that is out of alignment increases chain, sprocket and tire wear and robs you of horsepower. Unfortunately, the alignement marks stamped into the swingarm are notoriously inaccurate. There are various methods for accurately aligning the rear wheel, but they are time consuming and awkward.

The Axelign tool allows a user to quickly and accurately true the rear wheel by ensuring that the distance from the swingarm pivot to the rear axle is the same on both sides. The tool quickly installs on the motorcycle so that the distance is measured as the adjustment is made. No more “adjust-measure-adjust’ back and forth procedures. The alignment can be quickly dialed in to within .02 degrees.

The standard tool will fit any motorcycle with a hollow swingarm pivot and rear axle ranging in inner diameter from .375″ to 1.2”. Ducati 749/999 owners will need to open up the hole on the swingarm pivot bolt from the 6mm hole as it comes from the factory to .250″ for the rod to slip through. Please contact us at if you have questions about whether the tool will work with your bike.

This tool is a must-have for track day riders and racers who make frequent tire and gearing changes.

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