M8 Bolt Kawasaki Mirror Mounts


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These mirror mounts fit most Kawasaki models with bar ends bolted on with M8 bolts. They have deep recesses in the back so that they cover the parts of the bars that stick out past the grips. There will be a small gap between the grips and the mirror mounts, the same as the stock bar ends. They feature steel bodies for vibration-dampening weight plus replaceable polymer buttons for the sliding surface, and have a groove to allow mounting of CRG bar end mirrors. The bodies are available in stainless steel and black powder coated finishes and buttons are available in either round, flat, or tapered profiles. Please specify bar end finish and button style when ordering.

Kit includes 2 mirror mounts with stainless steel M8 bolts, 2 RhinoMoto logo stickers and installation instructions.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.5 in
Button Style

Flat Buttons, Round Buttons, Tapered Buttons


Black Powdercoat Finish, Stainless Steel Finish


  1. Chris

    Got these to put on my Kawasaki z650. By default, these do NOT work on the z650, but I emailed Steffen at Rhino, and he made a custom set that will work for the z650. They’re amazing – solid, great look, and nicely weighted. Mounted a pair of CRG Arrow mirrors, and it looks perfect.

  2. michael findsen

    Hi there.
    I have a question.
    Do they fit on a Kawasaki Z900 ABS from 2018 ??
    With kind regards from Denmark

    • RhinoMoto Sales

      Yes they do. They fit Z900ABS from 2017 through 2019.

  3. Ricky Salvador

    Do they fit the zx14r ’12? Thanks!

  4. Steven Lopez

    Will these fit a 2019 z400 ? please and thank you

    • Sales


      Yes, that is the correct kit.

  5. Tim Barham

    Hi. Does the M8 Bolt Kawasaki version work with the Kawasaki Vulcan S? Also, what is the width of the groove? I am wondering if it is wide enough to fit KiWAV mirrors (such as the Bob Black). Thanks!

    • Sales


      Yes, those do fit Vulcan S. From what I can tell about the KiWav mirrors, they unfortunately will not work with those mounts. Our standard mounts require that the mirror mount bracket either come apart or open up 180 degrees. We are starting to produce mounts that work with these closed bracket types of mirrors but the Kawasaki mounts are a special case. The bars stick out past the grips so our Kawasaki mounts have deep recesses in the backs to cover the bars up. We are in the process of releasing a mount that will work on your bike with those mirrors.

      BTW, the groove in our parts is .525” wide.

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