Rear Axle/Slider Retention Clip


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This reusable clip can be used instead of a cotter pin in applications where the rear axle nut is secured with a pin. This is typical with Suzuki and Kawasaki sportbikes. Although this was developed for club racers and track day riders, it is also suitable for anyone that wants to ba able to remove the rear axle nut without having to search for a new cotter pin every time.

The clip is fabricated from very heavy duty .125″ spring wire and is bright zinc plated. The positive latch hook is designed to stay latched in high vibration environments. The pin wraps around the slider, helping it will stay in place even if the hook were not engaged. It should pass most tech inspections if it is safety wired to the swingarm.

The clip can be used with all sizes of RhinoMoto swingarm sliders. It may also be used by itself without a swingarm slider.

Part number 102-0001

If ordered separately, this kit can be shipped by USPS First Class mail. 

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Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in


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